Gardening Today

My Dog Loki enjoying the new grass.


I spent today preparing a small patch of soil for planting grass. I have this very large yard. There are great big trees and the whole thing is terraced. But I will stop bragging. I haven’t had a yard to enjoy in years. I have been wanting more green on the ground lately. I want to walk bare foot thru grass. I love the feeling of the blades of grass tickling my toes. Cut grass also brings back many memories of all the yards I had as a child. We moved often so every home was an adventure.

One of my favorite homes was a large farm house surrounded by corn fields, soy bean fields, and big old wooden barns. It had a driveway that was a quarter mile long. The bus stop and the mail box was at the end of the driveway. Yes I had walk that driveway 2 to 3 times a day. Half the walk was surrounded by fields and the second half was surrounded by woods. I would meander and day dream the whole journey delaying having to go to school or going home.

SO today I tilled up a 12 ft by 10 ft plot of dirt off to the right of the back door. I spread out some starter soil where I will ether plant seeds or lay sod. It is the start of fall so I should use sod. I will get sod next week when the soil has rested and the ground is level.




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